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Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III Pens Open Letter to Pastors Who Met with Trump

Dr. Frederick Douglass Haynes III is not a stranger to visiting the White House as he was invited by Barak Obama to discuss a range of topics including civil and voting rights. Douglass Haynes, is also avid with his pen, having written open letters to Donald Trump and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

During a Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast award ceremony last January, Pastor Douglas Haynes criticized Trump as a response to the comments Trump made on the eve of Dr. King’s holiday. Trump’s remarks about Haiti and other countries in the African Diaspora drew immediate criticism from the spiritual leader. In this recent moment, Douglass Haynes was reignited to speak again on the current administration’s dealings with those that are marginalized seemingly without impunity and their position on prison reform. He called out his ministerial peers for their meeting with Trump last week on what was supposed to be on the topic of prison reform. However, this action was viewed as usurping the rights and needs of those the current administration works to disenfranchise – Black people.

Dr. Douglass was not alone in his stance on the meeting and was directly supported by other spiritual leaders. That solidarity was documented with signatures from Dr. Cynthia Hale, Rev. Leah Daughtery, Bishop Marvin Sapp, Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, Bishop Talbert Swan, Bishop Vashti McKenzie and Bishop Rudolph McKissick to name a few.

Dr. Frederick Douglas Haynes III’s letter can be read below:


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