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Published on December 11th, 2017 | by Inspirations with Liz Black

EMCEE N.I.C.E. Climbs Up the Billboard Charts

Aulsondro “Novelist” Hamilton aka Emcee N.I.C.E. has taken his career and talents to heights that reach the heavens and charts. His debut album “Praise” landed No. 1 on the Gospel Digital Song Sales and has defied conventional ways of promotion and sales. Touching not only hearts and souls with the album, EMCEE N.I.C.E connected people with his music directly. Bypassing streaming, EMCEE N.I.C.E. created a dynamic marketing and promotions plan that included a digital street team.

The El Paso, Texas native is a renaissance man within the music industry. EMCEE N.I.C.E. has rotated roles as a music producer, songwriter, recording artist, writer and voice actor whose credits include lead vocalist of KansasCali which featured on the films “Crash” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. His other features include guest appearances and theme songs for T.V. including TruTV, TV One, CodeBlack Entertainment and TNT. His writing credits include a poetry book entitled 50 Shades of L.O.V.E.: Learning Our Various Emotions and narrated the audio book version.

Formally known as “Novelist” N.I.C.E. (Novelist Is Constantly Evolving), the recording artist has come full circle to synthesize Hip Hop and scripture into a world of sound people can feel. As he puts it, the “album is a celebration of Christ that has a blend of scripture and creative metaphors that will give the listener spiritual food for thought”. The albums lead single “I Got Angles” was inspired by Gospel Legend and Hall of Famer Richard Smallwood. “I Got Angles” samples Smallwood’s 1996 hit “Angels”. Producers for “Praise” include Richard Smallwood, ULP Productionz, DJ Fat Jack, Sam Peezy, Steven Ford and Executive producers Frank DeRozan, BJ Luster, Jack “De’Jon” Clark and Tally. EMCEE N.I.C.E. recorded the album’s 14 tracks which also feature Alonda Rich and Stripped & Rahkua.

“Praise” can be found on various digit outlets.


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