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IZ-REAL of Grammy and Stellar Nominated Duo Everyday Process Releases Single “Ball Out”

IZ-Real of the trail blazing duo Everyday Process, gears us up to debut his first solo project. Releasing the lead single “Ballout”, IZ-Real shows us that he plans to continue showcasing his broad musical energy. As described by IZ, “Ball Out” is “A play on what culture considers as ‘making it’…referencing one’s desire to live it up…so I ball out for the kingdom of heaven.” Spoken like a man true to his faith, IZ-Real stays true to his approach to music. Hip Hop has been the vehicle to deliver his message and IZ does It with contemporary flair, staying creatively in tune.

“Ballout” is bold in approach and IZ is unwavering in recognizing God’s favor and IZ-Real professes:

“The question is will this music pop/whippin bricks no phantom in the parking lot/

I tell em IZ will never flock/ I’m all about the rock/they wanna know is real or not/

I see they got the ops they want they boy to stop/they pop would put me in the wooden box

But I’m on the top/God put me in this spot/I can’t explain it, but his favor dropped/

Staying true to his musical form and the Word, IZ-Real says “it’s an everyday process” to living purposely through Hip Hop. Having collaborated with fellow artists like Lecrae, Flame and Trip Lee, IZ continues to forge the road, further solidifying the Word translated through Hip Hop. Considering himself an ambassador and representative of God to people (2 Corinthians 5:20) everywhere, Iz-Real aims to speak to people in the best ways they can understand.

“Ball Out” is available now on all digital platforms.


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