Programming & Affiliates

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938 Penn Avenue
Suite 701
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Telephone Number: 412-456-4099
Fax Number: 412-456-4077

Jerry Lopes, President, Program Operations & Affiliations
Telephone Number: 412-456-4039
Email Jerry Lopes

Lenore Williams, VP, Affiliate Operations & Compliance
Telephone Number: 412-456-4098
Email Lenore Williams

Adriane Gaines, VP/General Manager
Telephone Number: 212-609-1017
Email Adriane Gaines

Tracey Lee, Operations Manager/Program Director
Telephone Number: 412-385-7446
Email Tracey Lee

Diane Spencer, Affiliate Relations Coordinator
Telephone Number: 412-456-4043
Email Diane Spencer

Carrie Cleary, Traffic Manager
Telephone Number: 412-456-4021
Email Carrie Cleary

Chris Ray, Systems Administrator
Telephone Number: 412-456-4047
Email Chris Ray

Bob Sharkey, Chief Engineer
Telephone Number: 412-456-4070
Email Bob Sharkey


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