Published on July 11th, 2018 | by Inspirations with Liz Black

The #ShiggyChallenge – Gospel Edition

Everybody’s in their dancing emotions with Drake’s new song “In My Feelings” as it has inspired a dance craze created by The Shiggy Show. The viral dance, the #shiggychallenge also known as the #inmyfeelingschallenge has helped the song reach new heights in the charts. Celebrities have gotten in on the dance too including Ciara, James Harden and Sterling K. Brown. Gospel couple Kirk and Tammy Franklin got in on the action too and put an inspirational twist on the dance.

The Franklins switched up the music and added some Gospel-style production with praise claps in tow. The couple, featured on OWN TV’s docu-series “Black Love” continue to show how loving and playful they are deep into their marriage as they transformed the challenge into a little praise dance. The vibe in their Instagram video was reminiscent of when Kirk milly-rocked in concert during a tour stop in Washington, D.C. in 2016.

The group Shelby 5 did their on video with a gospel rendition with the title “If Drake was Gospel!”. They harmonized and made it clear with the line “G.O.D. do you love me”, who the subject of their affection was.

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